About Us

It all started when Mr. Nino and his family settled here from Sicily when he was only 12 years old. His family was poor and the whole family had to help out by working.

Nino found work in a local bakery by sweeping floors to earn his keep. He found himself intrigued with what the Bakers were doing and I guess you can say he soaked everything in. Nino moved on to work at other big manufactures of baking and left in 1965 to travel back to Sicily to marry the woman of his dreams. After the wedding and working for family, Nino and Nina along with his parents had an opportunity to take over an existing Jewish Bakery in Madison near the University of Madison. They ran that Bakery for 2 years and the Family learned expertly how to make cakes and decorate along with learning all about Kosher foods. They were then forced out because of new construction for the University. The City of Madison offered to pay for re-locating the family to where ever they needed to go.  They chose Milwaukee due to a German Bakery up for sale in the Riverwest neighborhood of East Milwaukee.  There, Nino learned how to make his famous Vienna Tortes and his delicious breads and incorporated his family pastry recipes from generations ago. He then expanded the Business with offering Wholesale to restaurants and grocery stores. Nino along with his wife, parents and daughters ran the East Side location for 30 years. Nino always wanted a future for his daughters and finally in 1997 he stumbled on a 150 year old building in Menomonee Falls. With a lot of hard work and determination along with a few road blocks. Nino, Nina and his daughters opened the Menomonee Falls location in April of 2000. 


is in full swing. Nino still after 40+ years of baking is still working every night baking his wonderful breads and rolls. Nina also works full-time along with her daughters making all her specialty pastries, deli salads and her own Italian food recipes for the retail.